Aromatherapy uses natural oils that are usually extracted via the process of distillation or pressing, from flowers, leaves and resins from trees. Each oil has its own chemical ‘signature’ different from all the rest, and with skill, practice and intuition, aromatherapists can choose the most suitable combination of oils according to the physical, mental and emotional profile of the client. The oils are applied diluted with a carrier oil and massaged into the body, so the benefits of the oils are combined with the benefits of massage. A session takes an hour or an hour and a half, with a detailed consultation beforehand. Most commonly people experience a deep sense of relaxation and, if they have been in pain, pain relief.

The oils have tiny molecules that can penetrate the skin, and which also are absorbed through the nostrils at the time of massage. The emotional processing centre of the brain is linked to the olofactory centre, bypassing the conscious mind, thus we respond quickly to the positive (and negative) effects of smell memories. Essential oils do not just have a psychological effect though as the oils are comprised of numerous chemicals, which all have effects, some on the central nervous system, some on the respiratory system, the immune system, the skin, the organs of the body, the digestive system, and so on.  Some of the oils are anti-inflammatory, making them excellent for a number of inflammatory conditions, and some have analgesic effects.The properties of the oils can also be used to combat lethargy and motivate,  can be used to direct concentration and stimulate the memory for example, or to either dissipate grief or anger or, where needed, encourage those emotions to be expressed. Their uses are too varied to write them all. Please ask me and I will send you a list of contra-indicated conditions or discuss with you on the phone if aromatherapy might be good for you

Anna Kaye

Please note:  Dignity, sensitivity and consideration for the client are always paramount, as is confidentiality. I can, for example, adapt my treatments to take into account pain and discomfort that prevents the client from lying flat, or provide a shorter treatment, say for back, neck and shoulders.

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