balancing you on all levels

Emotional Freedom Technique is a therapy that works on the energy ‘meridians’ that run through the body, clearing trapped emotions and even physical symptoms.  It is simple to use, effective,  and simple to show you how to use on yourself too. E.F.T   has been shown to be effective for phobias (even severe ones!),  addictions,  anxiety,  lack of self-esteem,  pain,  depression,  inability to relax, and because chronic illnesses that have not healed with a conventional approach often have an emotional element, clearing trapped emotions that may have been around at the time of the onset of the illness can set the person on the road to physical recovery again, sometimes with astounding speed.

Aromatherapy is another great tool for holistic balance as  massage supports the physical body and the effects of the oils benefit mind, body and Spirit.  When I speak of benefiting Spirit I mean to say that the effect is to bring us closer to our natural state of being, at  peace with and in  ourselves even though we may need to address significant stress around us.  Regular sessions of aromatherapy can be very beneficial and a gentle way to  to align oneself  but for deeper issues I would suggest that EFT is the more powerful tool.

What happens in an E.F.T session?  A session is generally an hour but for children it will be less.  For adults, the client is comfortably  seated  and we spend a little time discussing the problem. I then suggest some phrases that might be good to work with and I show the client where they need to tap. Sometimes I do the tapping for the client.  Either way, we tap and say or think of the problem and phrase that best suits.  Speaking out loud can help but isn’t essential. Even telling me about the problem initially is not essential as provided you are focused on the issue we can still work to good effect.   The tapping statements vary as the intensity of the feeling subsides and other thoughts and feelings come up which we can also work with.  The intensity of the thought or feeling is rated at the beginning of each tapping round  and rated again at the end so we can clear about how we are getting on.  The points tapped  are mainly on the face and head  but also beneath the collar bone, at the sides of the body under the arms,  on the hands and the wrists.  The tapping is gentle and the whole process  is done fully clothed.   The treatment is completely safe and has no possibility of making existing conditions worse.  E.F.T can be used a stand alone therapy or alternated with the aromatherapy massage. Any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂

Studies: EFT, like aromatherapy, has been studied for its efficacy and has proved itself to be a valid treatment that yields proven results, time after time.  I have chosen to take my information on study results from the website called google scholar, and have looked at both small and large studies. Some have been meta-analyses, which mean studies of studies, which are very useful for getting an overview of  large amounts of data. If you would like me to give you  links  studies done or you would like more information on a particular  area of eft or aromatherapy   please do ask and I will do my best to find relevant information, peer reviewed where possible.

Training: I have  level 3 qualifications in E.F.T and also massage and   aromatherapy and am insured for all disciplines.