Is Using Essential Oils Environmentally Friendly?

Essential oils are big business and there are plenty of growers out there who are not too concerned with sustainability , however I am careful to choose oils with a clear sustainability policy, and have a stock of sustainable organic oils that I would love to increase – however it’s down to whether customers choose to have treatments using them.


If we use them intelligently to assist our physical and mental well-being,  they can reduce our reliance on petro-chemical synthetics and big pharma.


Also, sustainable growing of plants, like lavender for example,  can provide an abundance of nectar for honey bees. Without bees we cannot survive so having a part of our natural environment used for growing outdoor crops that the bees like, is doing the bees a real favour, as far as I can see.


It’s wise to be mindful of your use of the oils, as they are highly concentrated and use large quantities of plant matter to produce.  Please think before burning them for long periods of time in your diffusers.


If you’d like to  bring back your bottles and jars for refills, I will gladly refill for you and this will save you money too!


“With many and increasing acres of lavender in bloom thru the summer months this flower is regarded as the dominant floral source for our summer honey. Bees and lavender are a beautiful synergy we all feel privileged to witness. Lavender provides nectar and pollen to the bees and the bees promote plant reproduction starting the hormonal reaction seminal in each flower’s seed and setting off (sic) the process which also facilitates the flowers yield of essential oil.”