Aromatherapy and/or E.F.T

What happens in an aromatherapy session


Patch test if required

At least one day  after a  patch test has been given,  massage  can be performed.

Massage can be with or without aromatherapy oils. Without essential oils the massage is slightly different and a little firmer.

Oils are blended with a carrier oil at the time of the treatment.  Choosing the oils is an important part of the process and your nose is the guide as to whether a blend I  suggest is right for you.

My treatments are for head, neck, back and shoulders,  abdomen , arms and hands, legs and feet.    Dignity is always paramount and towels always cover the parts of the body not being worked on.

Treatments can exclude some parts and longer time can be spent on muscle’ knots’ as needed.  Shorter or longer sessions can be arranged to suit.  The massage is a good deal more gentle than sports massage  and people tend to find it very relaxing.

Do you offer mobile treatments?

Yes, I can come to your home (women-only) .  There is a small additional charge for this.  Some exclusions apply.

Could you make products just for me?

Following a consultation I am able to provide personalised products with specially chosen oils best suited to your skin and any condition you wish to work with.

How often should I come?

Each person is different.  Once a month is a common  arrangement but when first coming, it may be beneficial to have a few sessions close together to start with, for example on a weekly basis.